Co-operational Partners

Seaside Camping is an active participant of  Latvian Camping Association (LCA), every year working at the fair in Latvia, as well as Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, etc. Each year cooperate with international organisations such as the ADAC, ASCI, CAMPINGWIJZER etc., in order to be included in the common catalogues and route maps, to promote identification among German and Dutch travellers with trailers. Information about the different campgrounds are also available on Internet portals and in newspapers, in the press, the tourist brochures and catalogues of camping, but the best, and the latest information is always available on the home page of camping.

Actively cooperate with the Ventspils Tourism Information Centre. The main aim of Ventspils Tourism Information Centre (TIC) is to supply the tourists and other interested persons with precise, comprehensive and objective information about leisure possibilities in Ventspils and attract as many tourists as possible. Our task is to advertise Ventspils tourism opportunities both in Latvia and foreign counties. We have a data basis, where you can find information about accommodation possibilities and events in our city: