Ventspils Seaside Camping rules

These Seaside Camping rules are the rights, duties and rules of behaviour in the campsite, Vasarnīcu street, 56, Ventspils (further – campsite):

1.To live on the campsite rental contract should be concluded, presenting a personal identification document containing a person's name, surname, photograph and personal identification code.

2. After concluding the rental contract, the guest should make a payment in accordance with the approved pricing on campsite.

3. In Seaside Camping the payment hour of the day is 12.00 a.m. If a guest stays on after 12.00 p.m., the guest has to pay half of the fees for camping house rent (places for trailers and places for tents). If a guest stays on after 16.00 p.m., he has to pay for the full day.

4.Seaside Camping guest can use all of the services provided by the campsite service.

5.Seaside Camping guest has the right to inform the administration of the weaknesses in the economic activity of the campsite, submit proposals.

6.The duty of Seaside Camping guest (at the end of the rental contract) is to invite administrator to accept a camping house, to give the key of house and the rented equipment.

7. The duty of Seaside Camping guest is to save material resources of campsite. The guilty person is responsible for material damage.

8. Guests staying at the campsite should be polite to each other.

9.Guests staying at the campsite should be quite after 11 p.m.

10.In Seaside Camping it is allowed to stay persons specified in the rental contract.

11. Transport must be in place.

12. During the conclusion of the rental contract, there should be mentioned type of the car, the national number.

13. Trailers in the camping territory should be left in specially equipped place which shows the administration of camping.

14.Tents in the camping territory should be placed in specially equipped place register in advance at the camping administrator.

15.During staying at the campsite the electrical equipment must be used in accordance with the safety rules.

16. In the camping houses, as well as in common rooms of camping smoking is prohibited. Guests can smoke in specially allocated places, as indicated by label.

17. It is prohibited to light a fire in a place not intended for that purpose, as well as without administrator permissions.

18.In the territory of Seaside Camping should be comply the basic standards of cleanliness and order; without polluting the rooms and territories. Clean the kitchen after it’s using. To deliver the waste to the waste containers specially for this purpose. It is prohibited to remove the waste in the kitchens, toilets, washing rooms.

19. The staff from the Seaside Camping is entitled not less than two persons without the presence of the guest go into the room to avoid accidents, damage.

20. The administration of Seaside Camping is not responsible for the maintenance of property belonging to the campsite guests.

21. In the territory of Seaside Camping all guests should consider Ventspils City Council binding rules No. 6.

Have a nice rest!

Best regards,

The administration of Seaside Camping